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> Early March: Roy Lerner was exhibited by Gallery Sam at the innaugural Art on Paper fair, at Pier 36 in downtown Manhattan. The fair closed on the evening of Sunday the 8th.

Trax is Gone, 2015
42" x 29.5"
Acrylic on paper
Cat. #2015.015

> Recent: "Visual Rhythms" Workshop and Exhibition at Kokol Arts Studio and Gallery in South Tampa, FL, October 13th - 17th, 2014. Roy Lerner will share his 30+ years of experience as an artist in this weeklong workshop, culminating in an end-of-workshop exhibition on Saturday, Oct. 18th from 5-9pm. Click here to view the Workshop Promo PDF.Remaining unsold paintings will be on view at Four Corners Frame Gallery in Tampa as of Nov. 11th.

> Recent: Sept. 4-7, 2014, Texas Contemporary Art Fair in Houston, TX, represented by Gallery Sam.

> "Transparent Overtures": Recent solo exhibition at Galerie d'Arts Contemporains in Montreal, June 25th - August 31st, 2014. Scheduled to coincide with the Montreal Jazz Festival to explore the relationships between music and art.

> Group show at Sideshow Gallery in Brooklyn, NY: "Sideshow Nation II - At the Alamo". This 14th annual New Year's event features work from hundreds of artist's, including Roy Lerner's recent screen painting "Gravity". This exhibition opened on January 4th, and remained on view until March 3rd, 2014. To view the recent 2013 exhibition at Sideshow, go here.

> Watch a recent screen painting as is gets illuminated with different light sources.

> Current, Upcoming, & Recent Shows



Roy Lerner is a contemporary artist who creates abstract paintings using high tech acrylic paints and mediums. The works reveal his keen observation of nature, particularly of the rhythmic modulations occuring in everything from heartbeats to ocean waves. He combines this with an awareness of such conceptual areas as chaos theory and fractals. Add to these an art historical appreciation, formal understanding, and deep emotional connection to painters from the prehistoric artist/ shamans who created cave paintings to Michelangelo; from Old Masters to Monet, Hans Hoffman to Jackson Pollock, and on to a host of currently active practitioners of the art of painting.

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