- 2010 San Francisco Fine Art Fair -


Roy Lerner is pleased to announce that he was represented at the recent San Francisco Fine Art Fair by Gallery Sam. The art fair opened on May 20th, and remained open for viewing until May 23rd. Thousands appeared to marvel at the art work offered by the fair.

Please visit the art fair's website for more information: http://www.sffineartfair.com/

"Avid collectors, art enthusiasts, galleries and the art press eagerly await the long overdue arrival of the San Francisco Fine Art Fair. Over $300 million in art representing 500 artists from 70+ worldwide renowned galleries will be available for viewing and purchase. Attendees can select from the finest collection of 6,000 significant artworks from the 20th and 21st century - focusing on 1950’s to present. Carefully vetted, the fair offers a spectacular selection of paintings, works on paper, drawings, printed editions, photography, and sculpture (both indoors and outdoors.) From the masters to important contemporary offerings, artworks range in price that fit into every collector's budget."

Here are some of the Roy Lerner paintings selected for exhibition at the art fair. We hope you were among the thousands able to attend this fantastic event to enjoy these works of art in the flesh:

Catalogue# 2010.004
13” x 37”
Acrylic & gel medium on canvas

“So Warmly”
Catalogue #2007.036
70” x 50”
Acrylic & gel medium on canvas

“Eau de Vie”
Catalogue #2001.023
48” x 60”
Acrylic & gel medium on canvas

“White Diamond”
Catalogue #9728
68” x 68” (48” x 48” as a square)
Acrylic & gel medium on canvas


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