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Itinerary for July 6th, the day of the opening:

The Festival of Two Worlds (Festival dei Due Mondi) that takes place every year at Spoleto, between June and July in the heart of the Umbria region, is an event that has a world resonance and its program has always been of great interest for its performances of opera, ballet, prose and figurative arts.

July sixth is particularly rich and offers a wide program:

At 3:30 PM at the Teatro Nuovo, will be performed “The Beggars Opera” by Berthold Brecht, composed by Kurt Weill, and directed by Robert Wilson. The well-known American director in fact returns to Spoleto to present his personal version of Brecht’s work with the Berliner Ensemble and his Voom Portraits.

At 5 PM, at Palazzo Collicola, will be the inauguration of the exhibition of Virginia Ryan’s Multiple Entries - Africa and Beyond. Works 2001/2008. The exhibition, hosted by Achille Bonito Oliva and coordinated by Cecilia Metelli, comprehends a multisensorial work of projects made in Italy and Africa beginning from 2000 by Ryan, concerning the three fundamental themes of the territory, memory and identity.

At last at 7 PM, at the Sala of the Armigeri of the ex-Civic Museum, the Contemporary Arts Society has the pleasure of presenting a monographic exhibition dedicated to the great American artist Roy Lerner, curated by Morgan Morris with the patronage of the City.


To be part of the organized day tour for july 6th in Spoleto please contact by email  rosannafumai@yahoo.it 




Contemporary Arts Society and the artist would like to thank the munincipality of Spoleto and to the Festival dei Due Mondi for their support.

Please visit often, as updates are frequent.

Local Press Release:

South Salem artist Roy Lerner to exhibit paintings in Spoleto, Italy, opening July 6.

Roy Lerner's home and painting studio in South Salem, NY, may be a short distance from his childhood roots in Greenwich and early years in Stamford, but his paintings have brought him all over the world. Next on his travel schedule the artist heads to Spoleto, Italy, to be on hand when his solo exhibition opens there on July 6th. The artist's Rome based gallery, Contemporary Arts Society, arranged the show with the participation of Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna to open at Ex Museo Civico di Spoleto. It will coincide with the internationally renowned Spoleto Festival, which includes an opera by the artist, stage director, and playwright Robert Wilson. This exhibition follows on the heels of last year's spectacular CAS presentation of Lerner's paintings in Rome.

Lerner grew up in Greenwich, enrolling in the University of Arizona in 1972 to pursue his interest in photography. As a teenager he'd begun seriously exploring photography through programs offered at the Greenwich Art Society and taking courses with Time/Life Magazine photographer Yale Joel in Croton-on-the-Hudson. Within a few years he'd returned to New England, this time to Franconia College in New Hampshire, and discovered that painting gave him his most powerful means of expression.

After his college graduation Lerner spent a year in Europe. He began by working as a studio assistant for the acclaimed British artist Sir Anthony Caro. The sculptor advised him to use his time in Europe to experience various masterpieces by being in their presence. Taking this advice to heart Lerner embarked on a tour of the continent, staying in hostels while visiting museums, churches and galleries. He was soaking up lessons in painting that could only be found in front of the actual works of art, not mere reproductions. Returning to the States he became a pioneer in Stamford's artist loft era, carving out a home and studio from a raw space in the then mostly vacant Yale & Town building. There were also lofts in New York on Mercer St. in Soho and Grand Street.

By the mid-eighties marriage and a desire for privacy led the artist to move to a house on a back road in South Salem. This well maintained ranch house, surrounded by lawn and gardens, remains home for Lerner, his wife Patty and their daughter Yvonne. From the deck at the back of the comfortable house one can gaze down a sloping lawn to a natural pond and up again to the top of the next rise where a barn serves as the artist's studio.

Over the past two decades Roy Lerner has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions from New York to London and from Paris to Seoul. His paintings have been sold to private buyers and entered museum collections from Prague to the Napa Valley and from Toronto to Miami. While primarily known for his bravura paint handling and exuberant color choices, close followers of the artist's impressive body of work often comment on the wide variety of approaches Lerner employs with equal ease.

The selection of paintings to be shown in Spoleto provides an excellent sample of Lerner's diversity. The show includes some paintings thick with overlapping layers of acrylic and gel medium balanced by others in which thin washes of color seem to float and pulse with no substance at all, just color and light itself.

Today's global art scene is in a state of constant flux. Art fairs and the Internet are becoming important venues, augmenting and sometimes even replacing the traditional gallery. Like many artists, Roy Lerner keeps a foot in both worlds. He works with galleries who show his works in New York, Toronto, Montreal, Oakland, Rome, and beyond. He also has his own web site. Recognizing that interested viewers might be unable to travel to certain exhibitions, yet still want to experience actual paintings rather than only looking at digital images on a computer monitor, Lerner happily encourages studio visits.

Over the years, various artists, critics and curators … including Ken Noland, Clement Greenberg and Stamford resident Kenworth Moffett respectively … have been frequent visitors to the studio. One such visitor is Karen Wilkin, whose essays and reviews are regularly featured in such publications as The New Criterion, Art in America, and the Hudson Review, has written of the artist; "Roy Lerner's work keeps surprising me.  ... Lerner takes full advantage of everything currently available to him, from a technical point of view ... but it's obviously not what keeps us looking at his pictures. That depends, in his strongest works, on their mysterious quality of making feeling visible without words – which is one of the good things art is supposed to do."


Interviews or studio visits may be arranged and image files are available on request.
Please contact the artist.

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Photos taken in Spoleto before the opening night:
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